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Partnership Policies

What wording is allowed and not allowed for you and your sales teams when offering Billboards? 

We are excited that you can now offer billboards to your clients through Blip and I am sure you want to start advertising and selling this new addition to your mix of offerings! 

We want to enable you to offer digital billboards to your clients however you would like. There are just some policies our partners are required to abide by. Upon signing a partnership agreement with Blip you will agree to the following policies: 

White-labeling policies

  1. You may not position yourself as the owner of the billboards. 

  2. If a client asks how you are accessing the inventory you must disclose that the inventory is on Blip's network and that you have a partnership with Blip. 

  3. If you are putting a map of billboards on your website, the map must disclose that the inventory is from Blip's network. Read more about website guidelines here

Currently, Blip does not have a white-labeled platform, although we have a couple of non-branded reports that you are welcome to send to your clients. You may not build a white-labeled platform or website.

Reach out to your account manager if you have specific questions about white-labeling or if you would like help creating your website.

Advertising policies

  1. Blip does not offer guaranteed space, so you may not advertise guaranteed space for your clients. 

  2. Blip may be able to negotiate guaranteed space on behalf of your client. Only upon verification that the guaranteed space is available you may pitch accordingly. 

  3. You may not run any paid advertising highlighting ONLY the service of offering digital billboards. If your paid advertising is to promote many services you offer, including being a specialist in digital billboards, that is permitted. 

Wording guidelines

Below are just a couple of suggestions about the kind of wording to use, as well as a couple of things not to say when advertising:


  • Specialist at running Blip campaigns

  • Blip Campaign Management Expert


  • Omni-channel marketing agency

  • Digital billboard specialist

  • Expert in billboard advertising

Not Okay:

  • Owner of billboards, or wording that implies owning billboards

  • Extension of Blip

  • Exclusive or the ONLY Blip seller/partner

  • Reproducing Blip’s self-serve capabilities online without attribution

  • Undercutting prices (10% discount or any discount)

  • Guaranteeing ad priority for clients (above Blip's marketplace)

  • Putting undue pressure on a client or potential client to stay with your agency and mentioning Blip

If you are not currently enrolled in Blip's Agency/Reseller program, you can find more information about joining here.