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How Much Does Advertising With Blip Cost?



The amount you spend on your billboard campaign is completely up to you! 

For each campaign you create you will set your maximum daily budget. This can be as little as $1/day, though most of our advertisers start to see results when they spend at least $10/day. 

Once you’ve picked your max daily budget, you can choose exactly which hours you want your board to display. More popular hours (such as rush hour) will cost more to advertise in, but you can also set a “Max Per Blip” budget for those hours. This way you will never pay more than you’re comfortable for a single blip.

We generally estimate that $1 in daily spend will, on average, result in about 26 blips in a day. This number depends on many factors however, including sign location, the time of day, and competition from other advertisers. 

Blip is a “pay-per-display” model so your budget will only spend when your ad is actually shown on a billboard. There are also no startup fees or campaign minimums.

To estimate the number of displays you can get with your marketing budget, check out our Blip Cost Estimator.