Congratulations On Launching Your Campaign!

Here's What You NEED to Know.

You've chosen signs, uploaded your ads, and launched your campaign. Nice! But, your ad is not playing on the freeway quite yet. Here's what's going to happen next:


1. Our in-house moderation team will review your artwork, according to Blip design guidelines. This takes roughly 30 minutes within normal business hours.


2. Once approved, your artwork will be sent to the billboard owner(s) for approval. This usually takes 1-3 business days.


3. You’ll get an authorization on your card for roughly the amount you expect to spend. We do this to prevent fraud. Your real charge will come only after your ad is displayed. You’re only billed for ads that run.


4. Your campaign will take a few hours to a few days to ramp up, as sign owners approve your ads, and as your ad starts to win bids for open space.


Check for the green dot on your campaign card to confirm that your campaign is running!



Why Don't I See My Ad Running On A Billboard?

Blip is designed to get your ad seen by the most people that your set budget will allow. This doesn't always translate into your ad showing at the time and on the sign that you expect.  If seeing your ad at a certain time is important, check out this guide on creating a campaign for that specific purpose.


Why Wasn't My Artwork Approved?

Make sure your artwork meets our design guidelines the size specifications of the boards you've selected.


Send any additional questions to