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What does Max-per-Blip Mean?

What is Max-per-Blip (MPB)?

MPB is NOT how much you will spend each time your ad blips. It IS the amount you are willing to spend every time your ad displays. MPB also acts as a priority gauge— the higher the MPB, the more likely your ads will be seen over other advertisers.

How do I change the MPB amount?

If you hover over the amount below the different shades of green you can use the arrows to raise or lower the price.

Why would I change the MPB?

You want your MPB to always be competitive. If someone else advertising on the same billboard is willing to spend $0.60 and you are only willing to spend $0.50, your ad will show less often than theirs. If your daily budget is not fully being use, increase your MPB.

What do the different shades of green mean?

Darkest Green - I'm serious about blipping during this hour

Medium Green - I'd really like to be on the billboard right now, but it’s okay if I don't get on there as much as everyone else.

Lightest Green - If I blip during this hour, great! If not, no worries.

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