Sign Availability FAQ

Why is the sign I chose no longer available?

Blip does not own any digital billboards, but rather partners with sign operators and receives space for the Blip online platform. If a sign becomes unavailable, this usually means one of our media owners has chosen to stop partnering with Blip, making it so there is no longer space for Blip advertisers. Instead they choose to book all billboard space with traditional contracts. In this situation, Blip’s Sign Operations team works to find additional signs in the same area.

What does it mean when it says a sign is temporarily available? 

"Temporarily Unavailable" means that one of our sign owner partners booked all of their billboard space under traditional contracts so there is temporarily no advertising space for Blip advertisers. However, billboard availability can change at any time. Feel free to add "Temporarily Unavailable" boards to your campaigns, but realize your campaign won't run on those signs until they become available on the Blip market again.

What happens if a sign I chose becomes unavailable? 

You will need to make changes to your campaign and find new signs that are available to advertise on.

Will I get charged if the sign becomes unavailable? 

No! You are only charged for each time your ad displays. If all signs in your campaign become unavailable, your campaign will pause until you make changes to it.

Do I have to create a new campaign if my sign becomes unavailable?

No, you will just need to go back and edit your campaign to include signs that are available

I really want this sign, what are my options?

Unfortunately, this sign is no longer available through the Blip platform.  If you would like to contract this sign it would need to be direct through the Media owner through a traditional contract.


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