My Artwork Wasn't Approved, What Do I Do Next?

Helpful information in the case of your artwork being rejected

Review our Billboard Design Guidelines to make sure your artwork meets design standards. If you would like help redesigning your artwork, we have a Design Service where we can make it for you. You can submit a design request here

You can also reach out to for more guidance on your rejected artwork.

Some of the most common rejection reasons and solutions



Try re-uploading your design in a higher resolution and let our resize tool do the rest of the work for you! If you continue to have problems, consider our Billboard Artwork Service and our team of designers can help you get your design in shape.

No Clear Identity

Make sure your name or business is easy to find on Google. Make sure it's easily legible with large, bold text in your design. A phone number alone will not qualify as an identity and needs a url, clear business name, or social media profile with it.


Make sure to use clear fonts with high contrast colors. Avoid script fonts. Keep word count to 15 words or less on the entire ad. Make sure important information is easy to read with clear fonts and colors.

Poor Design

Selfies or photos without a business name or clear intention cannot be approved. Consider our instant artwork tool (in the Blip Marketplace) or our design request services.

Text Message or QR Code

QR codes and texting campaigns aren’t allowed in most states as they encourage texting while driving. Because of this, the only board that allows QR codes or texting campaigns is our Times Square board.

Sexually Explicit

Billboards are for everyone and nudity or exposed skin will be rejected automatically. 


Substance laws vary by state and by sign owner’s personal preference. If you are repeatedly rejected for substances, consider trying a different billboard in our system in a separate area, town, or state.

Verbally Explicit

Censor the entire word rather than just one part of it. Example: '$&@%' rather than 'sh*t'.

If you're a musician ensure that your music has a parental advisory warning on it if applicable.

Personal Ad

This specific billboard does not allow personal ads. Consider applying to a different billboard in our system.


Blip does not allow derogatory statements against opposing political sides. Consider a campaign promoting your political position and strengths.

No “Paid for by”

Add the text “Paid for by _______” to your billboard design.


This campaign may be too politically charged and/or not acceptable for a G-rated media setting. Consider either a toned down version of your campaign or advertising a different business.


Some sign owners have contracts with various other companies that may compete with your product and can not contractually allow your design to display on their specific sign. Consider trying a different billboard in our system.