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How to Run a Proof of Performance Report

Finding out when your advertisement played

See the analytics from your campaign. 

Step 1: Hover over your organization's name on the left-hand side and click “Reports” on the drop-down menu

Mar-17-2023 13-44-55

Step 2: Under "Reports" select "Proof of Performance"

Mar-20-2023 11-48-29


Step 3: Select the date range for your report by setting a start and end date

Mar-20-2023 12-02-27

Step 4: Select the Ads you’d like to view the performance of on the drop-down menu (select all if you would like to see activity across your entire account)

Mar-20-2023 12-05-44

Step 5: Select "detailed" to see all information (otherwise you will only see information about Blips per location)

Mar-20-2023 12-07-10

Step 6: Click "open"

Mar-20-2023 12-08-30


Step 7: Download the report

Once the report has compiled, there will be a link to access it.

Reports are created at the organization level, so if your organization has multiple users that access it, they can all see the generated report history.