How to Run a Proof of Performance Report

See what exact day and time your ad displayed and also how much you paid for each individual display.

  1. Hover over your organization's name, then click “reports” on the drop-down menu

  1. On the left-hand side click on “Proof of Performance- Detailed”

  1. Select the date range you’d like your report to run by setting a start and end date

  1. Select the Ads you’d like to view the performance of on the drop-down menu

  1. Then click “Submit” 

  1. You will see a notification say on the top bar that “Your report has been submitted. Check it’s status below.”

  1. Your report will display on the bottom of the page with a yellow negative sign

  1. Periodically click on the “refresh” button until the status of the report has a green check mark. 

  1. Click on the green check mark to open your report

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