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How to Maximize Your Campaign Spend

Did you set up your campaign but the entire budget is not being spent? This article will have some tips to help you. 

Right now, our system will try to utilize your entire budget to get you as many Blips as possible for your money. 

That being said, since Blip is a pure marketplace, sometimes there might be too much competition or not be enough space on the billboard(s) to spend your entire budget. 

Good news: you are never charged for any unused budget.
Not-as-good news: any unused daily budget does not automatically roll over to the next day.

There are a couple things you can adjust to "win" more of the Blips available. Below are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Try increasing your "Max per Blip", this will increase how much you are willing to spend for each Blip helping you to "out-bid" your competitors.

2. Try adding some low priority hours to the schedule. This will allow your budget to be spent during the low competition hours of the day, giving you more opportunities for the budget to be spent.  For example:

3. Try adding more billboards to the mix. Adding more billboards will allow your budget to be spent on other boards that may have more availability. 

4. Increase your budget! If your $50/day budget is only spending $20, a $100/day budget might spend $50. 

If after adjusting your campaign settings your campaign is still not reaching the maximum spend, you can always manually "roll over" any unused spend to your daily budget and to increase exposure on the remaining days of the campaign.