How to Create a Campaign

Step 1: Click the green “Get Started” button - OR - 

the “+” icon in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

Step 2: Choose a template for your daily schedule. Each template will run your ads at different times of day & different days of the week. If you don't see a template that meets your needs, click "Create Your Own."

Step 3: Select the billboards you would like to advertise (learn more).

Step 4: Input your daily budget. The daily budget is the maximum dollar amount you would like to spend each day of your campaign. 

Step 5 (Optional): Enter your max per blip. The max per blip is the maximum price you are willing to spend each time your ad displays.

Step 6 (Optional): Set custom dates (learn more). Custom dates allow you to set a start & end date for your campaign.

Step 7 (Optional): Create a daily schedule (learn more). The daily schedule allows you to control the times of day & days of the week that you advertise.

Step 8 (Optional): Set up web triggers. Web triggers allow you to start & stop your campaign based off of specific criteria that can be pulled from a specified website (ex. You could start a campaign any time it's raining in Springville, UT).

Step 9: Upload your ad - OR - click "My design isn't ready yet."

Step 10:  Name your campaign.

Step 11: Enable your campaign & click "Launch" - OR - disable your campaign & click "Save."

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