How Does Blip Work?

How is it possible to get on a billboard with no contract and for any budget? 

An Overview

Blip partners with our sign owners to help small businesses run billboard campaigns from their own computers. As a member of the Blip Marketplace, you get to:

  • Choose locations

  • Select scheduling and budgeting options

  • Upload artwork (or have us create it)

Once approved, your ad is live for the world to see!

Please note that Blip has a model similar to other popular platform companies like Airbnb and Lyft—Airbnb doesn’t own every accommodation and Lyft doesn’t own the cars in their network, similarly, we don’t own the billboard signs in our network—we partner with incredible sign owners who do!

This model means that we can give you amazing deals on billboard advertising, but it also means that 1) there may be times a billboard you want is temporarily unavailable and 2) some of your artwork may not be approved due to varying approval standards.

How Does This Work?

Blip partners with digital sign owners who divide the time on their billboards into multiple slots (usually 8) and they sell these slots on their digital billboards to different advertisers.

The billboard rotates through the slots, playing through each advertiser's ad one by one, for a specific number of seconds (usually 7.5 - 10) and then repeats.

Blip contracts with the sign owner, and then opens up the slots we have received to you! When you set up a campaign on Blip, we get you as many displays on our slots as possible based on your daily budget settings.