Your ad may be approved or rejected for any reason.

Blip wants you to be successful. Please follow the below guidelines to make the best ad possible.


  • No nudity, profanity, graphic violence, hate speech, or personal attacks.

  • No advertising for illegal goods or services.

  • No statements that are verifiably false or needlessly inflammatory.

  • No footnotes, disclaimers, or “fine print” of any kind.

  • The identity of the advertiser must be discernible.

  • Ad must be for something, rather than against something.

  • All political ads must have a clear and legible “Paid for by…” statement. All campaigns must be for a cause or candidate. No negative or potentially controversial ads will be accepted.

Billboard Design

  • No pure white backgrounds (RGB 235, 235, 235 or darker is OK).

  • No script or cursive fonts.

  • All text must be legible.

  • Artwork must be professionally designed and follow sound design principles.

  • Content must match the pixel dimensions of the target billboards.

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