In order for your advertisement(s) to upload & display properly on Blip, you will need to meet these file requirements:

  1. File Format - .jpeg or .png
  2. Resolution - 72 PPI or higher
  3. Coloring - RGB
  4. File Size - 2MB or smaller
  5. Dimensions - Not all billboards are the same size in height and length. When you select the billboards the description will indicate the pixel size required. See below for an example.

If you are looking to advertise on a large number of billboards, upload the following file sizes, and the Blip software will resize your advertisements to the correct dimensions.

  • 252x162
  • 260x120
  • 272x152
  • 384x192
  • 544x208
  • 576x384
  • 680x180
  • 696X344
  • 752x208
  • 810x216
  • 896X288
  • 1024X288
  • 208X432

You don't have to design your ads with the exact pixel dimensions as the billboard(s) selected in your campaign if you keep the same aspect ratio & follow all of the other file requirements.

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