Billboard Design Rules

All content is reviewed before it is eligible to appear on any billboard. Artwork will only be approved it meets the following criteria. 

Your ad may be approved or rejected for any reason.

Blip wants you to be successful. Please follow the rules below and our design guidelines to make the best ad possible.


  • No nudity, profanity, graphic violence, hate speech, or personal attacks.

  • No advertising for illegal goods or services.

  • No QR or Text Codes (they encourage distracted driving).
  • No statements that are verifiably false or needlessly inflammatory.

  • No footnotes, disclaimers, or “fine print” of any kind.

  • The identity of the advertiser must be discernible.

  • Ad must be for something, rather than against something.

  • All website domains must be legitimate and functioning.
  • All political ads must have a clear and legible “Paid for by…” statement. All campaigns must be for a cause or candidate. No negative or potentially controversial ads will be accepted.

  • All music artists with explicit lyrics must put an “explicit content” tag on their ad.

Billboard Design

  • No pure white backgrounds (RGB 235, 235, 235 or darker is OK).

  • No script or cursive fonts.

  • All text must be legible.

  • Artwork must be professionally designed and follow sound design principles.

  • Content must match the pixel dimensions of the target billboards.