Affiliate Guidelines


  • Developing content around Blip, OOH marketing, Marketing in general, or other organic ways that drive traffic to your affiliate link.

  • Affiliate is working with an audience of business builders, marketers, or those in which sharing the Blip brand makes sense.


  • Link placed on a page on marketing/agency website directing clients who would like to manage Blip campaigns on their own

  • Sharing affiliate link on social media accounts representing marketing/agency website 

Not Okay:

  • Paid Advertising driving traffic directly to your link

  • Telemarketing

  • Wording that implies owning billboards

  • Extension of Blip

  • Exclusive Blip representative

  • Reproducing Blip’s self-serve capabilities online without attribution

  • Undercutting prices (10% discount or any discount)

  • Claiming ads will appear at all times

  • Guaranteeing top placement

  • Map of locations without credit to Blip (must say powered by Blip, Blip network, etc.)

  • Repeatedly cold-calling potential customers mentioning Blip.

  • Putting undue pressure on an advertiser to sign up via your link