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Adkom Invoicing Schedule and Status

Quickly learn how to understand the Adkom Invoicing Schedule and Status portion of the Analytics Dashboard

Log into the Operator platform and navigate to the “Analytics” dashboard from the left hand menu. At the bottom of this Analytics dashboard, in the “Adkom” section - you will now see a visualization table titled: “Adkom Invoicing Schedule and Status." 


Deal Layout & Invoicing Schedule:

Each deal that has been signed by your Sign Owner organization through the Operator platform should be shown on this visualization.

Deals are broken out, line by line, according to agency invoicing schedule provided to us. There is a bolded summary line for each deal to show the entire deal total you should expect to receive by the end of the invoicing schedule.

If you would like to send specific invoices, please invoice according to this schedule. Whether invoices are sent to our team or not, we will only pay according to this invoicing schedule, with the listed invoice numbers provided in this table.


Payment Timing:

Sign owners are paid when we receive payment from the agencies. On average we have seen this take around 7 months, but it can range from 3-12+ months depending on the client.

If you would like to be paid the entirety of the deal total immediately after posting, please contact us about our factoring program. 


Payment Status Categories:

- Waiting on Agency Invoicing Schedule: We are in the process of receiving/inputting the exact invoicing schedule from the agency.

- Waiting on Agency Payment: We have not yet received agency payment

- Paid: Payment has been executed


For any other questions, please contact us at operations@blipbillboards.com