How To See Your Ad in the Wild

See your ad on the board

Your ad has been approved and you’ve received a notification saying it has begun displaying on the billboard(s) selected in your campaign.  

Before you grab your keys and head out the door, there are three steps you want to take to ensure you’re able to see your ad when you show up at the billboard.

Step 1: Make sure you only have 1 billboard selected on your campaign.

This is a crucial step. 

If you have multiple billboards selected on your campaign, you will have no idea which billboard is going to display your ad when you go to see it. You may find yourself waiting at a billboard only to find out your ad has been displaying at a different location the entire time. 

In order to make this change in your campaign, you may need to deselect all of the billboards that you have selected, except for the one you want to go to. After viewing your ad, you can re-add the other billboard(s) back to your campaign. 

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to select & deselect a billboard in your campaign:

Step 2: Change your daily schedule.

Decide what hour of that day you want to go see your ad and adjust your daily schedule so that it only displays your ad during that hour. This will ensure not only that you’re at the board at the right time, but also that your ad displays frequently while you're at the board.  Follow the steps below to properly set your schedule. 

  1.  Begin by clicking the “+” icon to create a new schedule

  1.  Select the day of the week you’re going to go see your ad. You should see the name of the week highlighted in a green bubble.

  1. Hover over the time of day that you’d like to go see your ad, grab the red line and drag it up to at least .35 cents. (I selected 5 pm)

  1.  Hover over the next hour and drag the red line all the way to the bottom. (your graph should display an upside-down cone shape, where the top point is on the hour of the day you’re going to the board).

  1.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue “Save” button.

Step 3: Make sure the board you’ve selected is not Temporarily Unavailable

  1.  Click on the pencil icon to access the edit campaign page

  2. Scroll to the map and click on the green billboard dot that you’ve previously selected

  3.  Look at the information panel on the right-hand side and make sure that next to “availability” it says “normal”. If the availability says “temporarily unavailable” in red, then your ad will not be displayed on the board. The best thing to do is to select a different board to go see your ad.

*For better results, make sure your daily budget is at least $5 for the day you’re going to go see your ad. 

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