How to Start a Campaign

Learn how to start your first or subsequent campaigns.

To advertise with Blip Billboards, you need to have a campaign. 

What is a campaign?

A campaign holds important information about your advertising. You can have multiple campaigns running at once to target different audiences, times, budgets, days of the week, etc. A campaign holds important advertising information including:

  • Your sign locations.
  • Your daily budget.
  • Your artwork/ad.

To start a new campaign, log into your Blip account. Click the 'Campaigns' button from the main menu.

Then click the grey plus sign located in the top-right portion of the page.

Selecting a Template

After clicking the plus button, you have several template options to start a new campaign:

  • Max Audience. This is used to get the most exposure to your advertisement as possible. You can choose Monday-Friday as an option or to maximize Saturday-Sunday exposure.
  • Meal Times. Advertise with a focus on times of a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Off-Peak Times. If you are looking for the best value, in terms of the number of displays for your cost, this template will take advantage of less popular times of advertising at a lower cost per blip.
  • Single Hour. You can concentrate your advertising to a single hour to try and hit a similar audience every day of the week.
  • Drive Times. This template is built to advertise your brand during typical commuting hours, which tend to be the highest trafficked times. Advertising during drive times can be more expensive than during off time.
  • Create Your Own. You can create your own template to advertise during certain hours and days of the week to focus on whatever audience is best for your brand and business.
  • Duplicate Campaign. If you have advertised with us before, you can duplicate a previous campaign to move quicker or duplicate results from a previous campaign.

Selecting Your Billboard Locations

Once you have a selected a template, you now need to choose the billboards you want to advertise on.

Use the map to zoom in and out and select the billboard(s) by clicking the red dot and then checking the checkbox to the right of the map. See below:

When you select a sign, you can see the following information for each sign:

  • Average Daily Views: How many people see this sign each day.
  • Ad Size: What your artwork needs to be sized to for best display.
  • Orientation: Which direction the sign faces.
  • Side of Road: Which side of the road the sign resides.
  • Description: A little more detail about the sign.
  • Availability. This is either normal or limited. Limited means that your ad probably won't display right away as the sign is nearly full. You can still select this sign and your ad will show when it is no longer limited.

Selecting Your Budget

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