Are Personal Ads allowed?

Some sign owners allow personal ads to be run on their boards and others prefer to pass on them. The only way to know if your ad would get approved is to submit it for moderation. 

   Some examples of personal ads are: 

  • Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements or any other special occasion

  • Album, Song or Artist

  • Missing People/ Dogs

  • Specific Real Estate Agent 

  • Social Media Shoutouts (Ex: advertising your social media to get followers) 

  • Community Shoutouts (Ex: wishing the High School football team good luck)

  • For Sale Items

  • Advertising yourself 

“All content is reviewed before it is eligible to appear on any billboard. Additionally, individual billboard owners can reject any content at their discretion.”

Regardless of the Ad type, all Ads must be professionally designed and follow the following guidelines:

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