As an agency in our Blip partnership program you find clients, give them the opportunity to be on a billboard, and then run their ads on billboards through Blips' platform.

All you need to do is bring on clients, create organizations for them, and manage their billboard advertisements.

This is all very simple to do on our platform. It is up to you how you decide to sell Blip/ Digital billboards. Whitelabeling is fine, just be sure to follow our guidelines when advertising on your website or pitching to your clients. 

As a reseller, you will get a 10% ongoing commission for the spend of your clients. These commissions are paid out monthly. You will receive an email update at the end of each month. By replying to the email you can decide how you would prefer to be paid out: as cash or as advertising credit. 

As you grow with us and continue to bring on clients, you can reach out to your account manager about how to become a Blip Certified Partner. You will get a customized plan with "benchmarks" to complete as you work to become a Blip Certified Partner.

As a Blip Certified Partner you qualify for additional perks (such as potential lead sharing).

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