We are excited that you can now offer billboards to your clients through Blip and I am sure you want to start advertising and selling this new addition to your mix of offerings! 

Below are just a couple of suggestions about the kind of wording to use, as well as a couple of things not to say when advertising:


  • Specialist at running Blip campaigns
  • Blip Campaign Management Expert


  • Omni-channel marketing agency
  • Digital billboard campaign specialist
  • Expert in Billboard Advertising

Not Okay:

  • Owner of billboards, or wording that implies owning billboards
  • Extension of Blip
  • Exclusive Blip seller
  • Reproducing Blip’s self-serve capabilities online without attribution
  • Undercutting prices (10% discount or any discount)
  • Claiming ads will appear at all times
  • Guaranteeing top placement
  • Map of locations without credit to Blip (must say powered by Blip, Blip network, etc.)
  • Repeatedly cold-calling potential customers mentioning Blip.
  • Putting undue pressure on an advertiser to sign up or stay with your agency

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