🔑 The key to the success of your campaign is balancing your locations , your schedule, and your budget. 🔑


The more locations you select, the less Blips you will receive on each location

Blip’s algorithm will prioritize your daily budget by spending as much as possible to get you as many Blips as possible. You will receive more displays on the locations that have the most availability, and less displays on other locations. As more locations are added, Blip will continue to optimize to get the most possible Blips and will not display evenly across locations.

We suggest taking the following steps to avoid having the majority of your daily budget spent on a relatively “cheaper” boards in areas you may not be targeting:

Check out how to select billboard locations here


The greater your daily budget the more Blips you will receive. 

At Blip, you decide how much you would like to spend each day. The higher your daily budget the more Blips you will receive.

Because Blip is an open marketplace, prices fluctuate according to supply and demand. Lowering your Max-Per-Blip (a “cap” of how much you would like to spend per display at a certain time) can cut down on costly ads during peak times, but this can also reduce your overall amount of displays.

Check out our cost estimator to decide what daily budget to set. 


The less hours you advertise the more often your ads will display.

The more hours you advertise during the day, the more opportunities Blip has to utilize your daily budget, but adding more hours could mean not specifically targeting useful times of day or reaching your ideal customer.

The more hours you advertise, more time will pass between each ad display. The fewer hours you advertise, the more frequently your ad will be shown per hour. 

Advertising for less hours forces Blip to only show your ad when you want it shown, but there’s frequently less space available during peak times. Advertising during off-peak hours is frequently cheaper and advertising during on-peak times will reach more people per display.

Check out how to set your daily schedule here.

If you have additional questions about optimizing your campaign, feel free to reach out to our support team via chat.

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