A Temporarily Unavailable board means that the sign owner has booked all of the sign space under traditional contracts so there is currently no advertising space for Blip advertisers.

Blip does not own the billboards in our inventory. Each billboard normally has 8 slots. Most slots belong to advertisers working directly with the sign owner and 1-2 slots belong to Blip.

Blip contracts with the sign owner, and then opens up the available slots we have received to you, our online marketplace. See more information about how Blip works here

An Available Blip board:

When a board becomes unavailable, the sign owner temporarily removes Blips slots from the marketplace and fills those slots with advertisers who sign contracts to work directly with the sign owner for guaranteed space.

An Unavailable Blip board:

The availability can change at any time. As soon as the contracts for the advertisers that are occupying Blip's space on the board expire, the sign owner will return the space to Blip. As an advertiser, feel free to ad unavailable boards to your campaigns, but realize they won't blip until availability returns to normal.

Most boards do not remain unavailable for more than a couple of weeks. 

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