At Blip the amount you spend on your billboard campaign is completely up to you! You determine how much you’d like Blip to spend on each of your campaigns per day, and the most you’d like to spend per display of your ad. You spend as much or as little as you want!

If you spend $5 for each billboard you select and $5 for each hour that you advertise your ad will generally show up about every minute on the billboard. So, if you selected 5 billboards, and you wanted to run your ads for 5 hours of the day a daily budget of $125 would get you a rotation about every minute (5 billboards X 5 Hours X 5$ = $125)

You do not need to follow the guideline above, but it can be used to find a recommended budget then you can adjust from there.

If you only want to spend $1 on your campaign, you can. However, a $1/day budget may or may not bring you the results that a brand-building campaign should for your company or industry.

Experienced marketers use 60% of their total marketing budget for brand building and 40% for transactional advertising. So if your monthly advertising budget is $1,000 you would use $600 for brand building (billboards, radio, TV, print, video) and $400 for transaction-based advertising (FB, Google, Bing).

However, if you are just starting to build your brand, we recommend using 5-20% of your total advertising budget on billboards over a 6-12 month timeframe.

To estimate the number of impressions you can get with your marketing budget, check out the Blip Cost Estimator.

There are no startup fees or campaign minimums. Get started today!


Once a credit card is attached to your account, your campaign is billed as your ads run (every $40-$50 spent or 7-10 business days).

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