Blip Advertising Plans FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Blip's Advertising Plans

What happens at the end of my plan?

Our advertising plans will auto-renew at the end of the plan completion. You can pause or cancel at any time, however any unused balances at the end of the subscription are not refundable.

Does enrolling in a plan guarantee I’ll get placement of my ad? 

Even with a plan, your campaign will run like any other campaign on the Blip marketplace. Ad delivery is determined by your daily budget, schedule, max per blip, and billboards selected. You can adjust these campaign parameters at any time if you want your ad to be shown more often.

Can I cancel or pause my plan? 

Please keep in mind that even if you pause your campaigns, your prepaid plan will continue to bill on a monthly basis. To make changes to your plan, please send an email to and we’ll do our best to help. 

Can I get all my free billboard designs up front?

The free billboard designs are broken up equally into quarters. Gold members get 1 free design per quarter, Platinum members receive 2 per quarter, and Diamond members receive 4 per quarter.

What are the Terms and Conditions for the Advertising Plans?

Pricing is based on a 12-month commitment, monthly plan commitment is nonrefundable; Monthly Blip Promotional Credits expire after six (6) months; Cancel anytime; the remaining organization balance is not refundable and can be used for Blip advertising anytime; Plan Member eligible for Complimentary Drone Photography after the first month of the advertising plan; Plan Member is eligible for Complimentary Billboard Design quarterly based on advertising plan.

What is the Annual Anniversary bonus?

On the one year anniversary of your Blip advertising plan, you will receive an Anniversary Bonus in the form of promotional credit that will be added to your account. The bonus will be 5% of your annual advertising plan spend.